(Tiny) Home for the holidays

After a month in Portugal, it was time for a change of scenery. We crossed back into Spain near Badajoz, traveled north to Granadilla and parked up next to a reservoir for five days. This is where we would spend Christmas.

Once supplies ran low it was time to move on to a different spot for New Years. We saw a place on park4night that looked good, about two hours drive south. Finding it though, well that took a bit more effort. At one point we were on a narrow, rocky track that was only getting rougher. It was clear that the GPS had sent us in the wrong direction. It was time to turn around before we got a puncture or worse. After checking the map, it looked like we were at the wrong end of the lake. Right then, off we go, this time in the right direction. Almost. One more wrong turn, a minor GoPro mishap, and another rocky track later, we were there. It’s always an adventure.