Switzerland Part 2 – Return to Davos

We passed through Davos last year on our way back from Croatia.  It was our first trip in the camper and also the reason why we built it. At the time we didn’t have plans to actually live in a van. It was simply a way for us to see more of Europe without being restricted to a fixed itinerary of Airbnb rentals. Just a bit of freedom to wander and explore, avoiding cities and touristic areas. We had a simple camper build without a heater or a toilet or a fixed LPG tank. We had 20 liters of water on board, a 5kg propane tank and a few lessons to learn about what it meant to travel Europe in a camper van.

Near the end of our four week holiday we found ourselves crossing into Switzerland from Italy via the Ofen Pass. We stopped in the Swiss National Park and were immediately captivated by the landscape. It was the end of September; fall was in full swing in the alpine. Further along, atop the Flüela Pass, we thought we were on another planet. We had just come from the Dolomites but this was something completely different.

I had heard about Davos but that was the limit of my knowledge of the area. Well it was about to become a very fond memory. From the top of the Parsenn Funicular I made my way down the mountain on my bike, stopping at the Strelapass for a beer and some flammkuchen before making the final descent into Davos. The scenery was unreal. Hikers and bikers shared the same trails and there was an atmosphere to the place that I had never experienced in Canada. This time around was even better. I had a bit more knowledge of the trails and it made for an incredible day on the mountain. But next time I will bring a full suspension bike. Ouch!

Switzerland Part 1 – Acquacalda

A visit to the Selvasecca Forest Reserve in Ticino. They call this Italian speaking province the “Mediterranean heart of Switzerland”. There are four national languages; German, French, Italian and Romansh. It’s actually a bit more complicated than that but I digress.

From Biasca we drove north on the Lukemanier pass until we came across a small campsite, Centro Pro Natura Lucomagno. It was very peaceful with only one or two other campers so we decided to stay two nights. With hiking trails leading right from the campsite it was a great spot from which to explore the area. The fall colours were out in force making for a very picturesque landscape.