The French Alps Part 2 – Val d-Isère

These photos were taken in the Vanoise National Park, just outside of Val d’Isère.

The French Alps Part 1 – L’Écot

The hamlet of Ecot near Bonneval overlooks the gorges of the river Arc. There are several very old stone houses and one chapel in the village. There were also some newer homes being built in the same stone and wood style. After digging around on the web I discovered that Nicolas Vanier filmed the movie Belle and Sèbastien in the village and surrounding area.

End of the Scottish Odyssey

After 24 hours of sensory overload in Edinburgh we were on the road again. We were destined for Snowdonia National Park but wanted to spend one last night in Scotland. After doing a bit of research, I found us a spot at Grey Mare’s Tail Nature Reserve, a National Trust site. Just a simple dirt parking lot at the base of a waterfall with some great hiking trails. It was a popular spot but we didn’t mind. The weather was (mostly) good and compared to the noise of the city it was like being on a deserted island!

Caledonian MacBrayne

The ferry from Oban to Castlebay takes about five hours. We would have preferred to stay in the camper for the journey but maritime safety regulations don’t allow for that. So up we went to the passenger decks, which had a very familiar B.C. Ferries vibe to them. We spent most of our time on the outside decks as the designated pet areas were quite stuffy and poorly ventilated. Once we had sailed through the Sound of Mull and past the Small Isles the horizon began to blend into the low cloud and a strange feeling of being lost at sea set in.
cal mac ferry scotland cal mac ferry scotlandcal mac ferry scotland

Morphology and the study of shape

The sands of North Uist were shifting under our feet. Harsh winds propelled crystal clear water left behind by the receding tide. Kaleidoscopic sculptures emerged, sparkling under shimmering pools. In the Outer Hebrides these forces of nature are always at work, constantly eroding the landscape. And if you stand in one spot long enough, you can actually watch it happen.