Abandoned Spain

Peñarroya-Pueoblonuevo is a mining town in the north of Córdoba province. On our way through the town, I saw an abandoned industrial area. Once we arrived at the nearby campground nearby, I did some research and decided to return the next day on my bike. The site has been in decay for almost 50 years and would be a great place to photograph.

The area was a 45-minute bike ride from the campground. I rode in and around the crumbling buildings for an hour, recording the scene with my GoPro. I could have easily spent the whole day there but time was running out; I still wanted to take some pictures and make it back to the van before it got dark.


You can identify remains of human occupation in Mértola since the Iron Age, passing through the Roman Age, Late Antiquity, and the Islamic and Modern/Contemporary Age. Research and dissemination carried out in Mértola have in fact changed the European view regarding historic periods of time, such as Late Antiquity and the Islamic Period, and they have also enabled a perception of continuity regarding the society’s essential values: respect for what is different, inclusion, intercultural understanding, the importance of sharing and exchanging, and priority to be given to man’s relationship with the territory and other people.

Permanent Delegation of Portugal to UNESCO


The French Alps Part 2 – Val d-Isère

These photos were taken in the Vanoise National Park, just outside of Val d’Isère.

End of the Scottish Odyssey

After 24 hours of sensory overload in Edinburgh we were on the road again. We were destined for Snowdonia National Park but wanted to spend one last night in Scotland. After doing a bit of research, I found us a spot at Grey Mare’s Tail Nature Reserve, a National Trust site. Just a simple dirt parking lot at the base of a waterfall with some great hiking trails. It was a popular spot but we didn’t mind. The weather was (mostly) good and compared to the noise of the city it was like being on a deserted island!